About Us

Swimming for All is an organization based in Indiana dedicated to ending drowning across people of all backgrounds and abilities. Drowning is the second leading cause of preventable death in children, and the risk increases for children with disabilities and for children who cannot afford proper swim lessons. Established in 2016, Swimming for All currently teaches kids on the spectrum and in low income communities basic water safety and swimming skills. These free lessons are one-on-one and taught by high school swimmers, all with hope of changing a life and creating a friendship. Although drowning awareness and increasing accessibility to swim lessons is at the forefront of Swimming for All's mission, the goal simultaneously includes promoting inclusivity and friendships across all backgrounds and abilities  So far, Swimming for All has taught over 300 kids with autism how to swim and in low income communities swim lessons.

We believe no background or ability should hinder one from learning water safety or feeling comfortable in the water.

Our Start & Impact

When our founder, Tara Harmon was 13 years old, she began Swimming for All. The cause is one close to her heart, as her uncle, who has a severe mental disability, was never able to learn how to swim. This constantly put his life at risk. Being a competitive swimmer since the age of four, swimming is something that she has grown to learn the importance of. When her grandmother passed away, she began the program in her honor to allow kids with disabilities similar to that of her uncle be given the assurance of feeling safe in the water.

Drowning is the one of the leading causes of death for kids on the spectrum, which is why Swimming for All believes that every kid, no matter their differences, should learn basic water safety and swimming skills. Since its launch, Swimming for All has taught over 300 kids with autism and in low income communities how to swim and the importance of water safety, and countless friendships have been formed. 


The Team

Tara Harmon (President)- I am a currently a high school student, involved in Student Council, Best Buddies, and the high school swim team. Since I was nine years old, I have felt passionate about ending a series of inequalities around me, and have continued to make my attempt to improve upon them. I have worked to ensure inner-city kids have equal opportunities, and am a 2019 HERlead fellow. Being part of Swimming for All allows me to share my passion of swimming to others, no matter what initial setbacks they may have. 

Kate Sifferlen (Co-Vice President)- I attend Zionsville Community High School. I am involved with student council and best buddies at my school which both help teach me lessons I apply to Swimming For All. I feel passionate about promoting equality and inclusiveness for people of all abilities and backgrounds. My hope is that our organization, Swimming For All, can help teach inclusivity and acceptance as well as teach kids important skills that could end up saving their life.

Vaugn Mihok (Co-Vice President)- I am a senior at at Zionsville Community High School, and am the current president of the Best Buddies chapter at our school. I am very passionate about ensuring that all people are treated as equals regardless of their differences. This desire is one of the reasons why I became involved with Swimming for All. In my free time, I swim competitively and enjoy hanging out with my friends.

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